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Tavlou & Belote



Each year during the days at sea, The Tavlou Tournament is held with the finals being played either on Thursday or Friday. There are prizes for the winner of the tournament and 2nd place. Rules are governed by the Cruise Committee which are similiar to those adhered by the traditional Armenian Communites. Each person must register on ship or in advance with the Tournament Co-Ordinator Antranig Boudakian.

The Registration Fee is $20.00 per person.

Special rules for play will be posted with the schedules for play. Preliminary sets are best 3 out of 5; next level and finals are, first to win 5 games. Winners of each set are posted and assigned for further play until the finals are determined. Recommend that personal Tavlou Boards be brought on ship. We have dificulty providing enough tavlou boards for all players, especially the middle east type which the Armenians prefer to play. Game times will be posted at the Hospitality Desk & gaming area. The location of the Tournaments will we be at the Card Room. Good luck and Registration is available from this site.





This year we had requests to have a Belote Tournament. Belote is a very popular Armenian card game played in many households and mastered in Armenia. It is of French orign but now has Armenian variations. Those wishing to learn the game prior to the tournament will be provided rules and stratergy play information. The Registration Fee is $20.00 per person. The Belote Tournament will be held during the days at sea and finals either on Thursday or Friday. Times will be posted. The location of the tournament will be in the Card Room.


Registration Information for

Tavlou, Belote or 3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments

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