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 The Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. would like to extend its appreciation for your commitment and involvement in our Armenian Heritage Cruise project. Being an Armenian cultural organization, this cruise project allows the organization to fulfill its mission in multiple manners. 

Ultimate and final authority is the Board of Directors & Officers of the Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. From this structure, a liaison Executive Committee Chairman is appointed by ACAA and fully authorized to manage the Armenian Heritage Cruise project. The Chairman of the Armenian Heritage Cruise Committee and all members of the Executive & Regional Committees serve at the will of the ACAA Board of Directors. Once the parameters of the cruise project have been established by the Board of Directors, then the Cruise Committee, under direction of its Chairman, are directed to complete and manage the cruise in a prudent and fiduciary manner as expected by the standards of the ACAA. Any and all profits or losses of a cruise belong to the parent ACAA Corporation. All committee members must constantly realize that the Armenian Heritage Cruise Committee is not an independent body. It has responsibilities to the parent organization and must never deviate from the traditional values of the mission of the ACAA. 

Through projects like the Armenian Heritage Cruise, the Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. is able to raise needed funds for its mission & operation. Its home office is located at 80 Bigelow Avenue in Watertown, Massachusetts 02472, the ACAA sponsors cultural activities, research on Armenian topics, grants to Armenian newspapers, publications, internships, depository guardian of the original governmental archives of the 1st Armenian Republic of 1918 & other historic Armenian national documents and many more projects of a cultural nature. The ACAA is a registered American 501©3 non-profit corporation and donations are tax deductible. It has secured Endowment Funds of which some are for general purposes and others are designated by the donors. Administration of these Funds is by appointed Trustees serving as fiduciary administrators reporting to the ACAA Board of Directors. 

The Armenian Heritage Cruise has become an excellent venue for promotion of Armenian Culture in a casual & fun atmosphere. With the help of dedicated individuals of the organization and volunteers of the committee, we look forward to making the Armenian Heritage Cruise an annual event not to be missed. We appreciate your time, efforts and dedication to the Armenian Nation.


Armenian Heritage Cruise Concept 

Our first cruise was in 1998 and hundreds of people attended from around the country. The following year in 1999, the date was moved to the second week of January in order not to interfere with the traditional Armenian Christmas, which is celebrated on January 6th. Subsequently, there was a desire to set the date as specific and adhering to recommendations from committee members and a survey from participants, the date for the annual Armenian Heritage Cruise is now set permanently for either the second or third week of January each year. 

As part of the ACAA mandate, is the promotion of Armenian fellowship and awareness among the Armenian Communities worldwide. It was visualized by the ACAA that by promoting and creating the Armenian Heritage Cruise concept, this would be an excellent way to have hundreds of Armenians come together in camaraderie and good fun. The idea of spending an entire week of luxurious comfort, food and entertainment appealed to a vast segment of the community and the project idea began. 

Each year new participants attend from all over the world. In the past we have had guests from France, England, Venezuela, Switzerland, Canada and from every part of the United States. This idea is definitely catching on and from a modest beginning of only a few hundred guests, on Armenian Heritage Cruise V we had over 600 people. For our Cruise VI the count had over 750 guests and by sailing date, we reached over 800 guests. The record was set for the Armenian Heritage Cruise VII when almost 1600 Armenians and their Friends from all over the world attended the Cruise. 

It does our organization proud to be able to bring together Armenian worldwide with diverse persuasions, speaking Armenian together, dining together, dancing & laughing together and enjoying each others company for 7 full days of Caribbean vacation. We look forward to a continuing service to the Armenian Nation and appreciate the wonderful support to the ACAA.

Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc.