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All Star Kef Band

The All-Star Kef band is comprised of Richard Berberian, Antranig Kzirian, Jim Kzirian, Vik Momjian, and Steve Vosbikian, Jr. All are well-known, accomplished musicians who regularly perform with a variety of bands, singers and ensembles all around the world.

Richard Berberian, is a classically trained musician, well-known oud player and vocalist who started the Richard Berberian Ensemble featuring Mal Barsamian for a PBS television special to document traditional Armenian village music. Since their formation, the group has become a staple of the Armenian Community in New England and the East Coast. Their mission is to record, document and preserve the traditional Armenian village dance music that was brought to America by the first “Golden Generation” of Armenians immigrating to the United States. Using a blend of modern and traditional instrumentation, they have been actively performing at events, weddings, dances and festivals since the 1980s.

Antranig Kzirian is a highly talented musician who began his career performing with the popular Aravod Ensemble of Philadelphia, Viza, and many well-known Armenian artists in California. He will be playing guitar with the All Star Traditional Band and joining Sibil for her concerts.

Jim Kzirian is an accomplished percussionist and drummer who is one of the founding members of Philadelphia’s Aravod Ensemble. He has performed extensively with many Armenian bands and musicians around the United States and Canada.

Vik Momjian is one of the most versatile and talented Armenian bass players in the world. Hailing from California, Vic’s unique style and 6-string bass create a magical energy and drive to the group.

Steve Vosbikian Jr, a third generation Armenian American, has the honor of continuing the musical legacy of the famous Vosbikian family. Steve is incredibly versatile, having a command of a wide cross-section of Armenian musical styles. A master of the clarinet and a host of traditional Armenian wind instruments including zurna, dudoog and pku, Steve is a performer who dazzles crowds at every performance!

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