Kevork Artinian

Kevork Artinian

Kevork Artinian’s unique talent of singing was first discovered at the Church of his hometown in Beirut, Lebanon, where he was born and raised. At the young age of 8 years old, Kevork was an active member of the Church choir where his already astounding voice began to mature.

Kevork performed in his first concert at only 12 years old accompanied by his friend/musician Sako Bedrossian with the support of Mr. George Rasdgelenian. At the age of 15 he won the Armenian School Board’s prize for “Best Talent” which was organized by the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon. Just one year later, he won the “Miraculous Voice Award” by the Primate of Lebanon, Archbishop Kegham Khatcherian. Kevork’s musical gift was flourishing with the help of his music instructor Mr Robert Kurdian until he moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 17.

In Montreal, Kevork established “Nor Serount,” a well-known band with his friends. Together they performed at numerous events throughout Canada and parts of the United States.

In 2005 he joined forces with George Tebrejian “The Maestro.” The two started working together with the same goal of taking their music to the next level. With Kevork’s mesmerizing voice and George’s incredible musical talent, they have become a force unlike any collaboration of the same genre.

Kevork’s humble character & charming voice touches the hearts of those who hear him. His tone naturally engraves his name in the hearts of his fans and changes the way they interpret music forever.


George Tebrejian

George Tebrejian01George was born in Aleppo Syria on July 22nd 1978. Coming from a family where music was everyone’s passion,

he was exposed to music at a very early age.  His father Hagop sang and played the “Jemboosh,” and was George’s first musical influence.

At the age of 6, George realized his connection and interest in the keyboard while sometimes playing around with his cousin’s antique/toy instrument.  Soon thereafter, George drew himself a toy piano, which he “played on” every day. Less than a year later, his father replaced the drawing with a real piano, and sent him for lessons.

At the age of 16, George started to play in bands, performing in restaurants, weddings and community parties.

In 2005 he started to perform with fabulous Armenian talent, Kevork Artinian.

The two have been together for since.

George prides himself not only on his musical performance skills, but he also focuses on composing and arranging new songs.

He has written many hit songs, including “Harsanik Haygagan” and is known for his creativity and improvisational skills. George is excited to be performing on the cruise.


Steve Vosbikian Jr.

Steve Vosbikian_ASteve Sahag Vosbikian is a fourth-generation Armenian who was born into a lineage of clarinet players.

It was Steve’s great-grandfather who first introduced the clarinet to the Vosbikian family, having arrived in Philadelphia from Malatya in 1914.

Steve’s grandfather and father instinctively followed suit.

Through years of private study, Steve excelled throughout grade school, middle school, and high school in both the classical and jazz genres, on both the clarinet and saxophone.

Steve was brought up listening and performing with the Vosbikian Band, a style of music that will forever remain in his heart, but, Steve was forever changed when he visited Armenia in 2003.

From that point on, he became fascinated with the styles of music heard throughout Armenia.

It was also during this transformation time that Steve fell in love with the Armenian zurna.

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