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Harout Artin Bedrosian

Harout Artin Bedrossian was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to San Francisco, CA in 1990. He’s always had the passion for singing from a very early age, but due to conflicts in Lebanon, couldn’t begin his journey till his late 20’s. He began with his first performance at San Francisco’s Bazaar Festival in 1998. He continued to sing at many more events organized by Homenetmen San Francisco as well as at the Navasartian Festival and Games in Los Angeles.

He moved to LA in 2012 doing many private events in the meantime. In 2011 he sang in Montreal for a New Year’s event. He has organized many successful events including New Year’s Eve events in 2012 and 2013 as well as Valentine’s Day events in 2014 through 2106. He’s also performed at events in Cambridge, Canada, Texas, San Francisco, and Fresno, CA. He will be performing in New York for the 40th Anniversary of Homenetmen New York in September of 2017 with other smaller events in between.

He is excited and looking forward to performing on the upcoming Armenian Heritage Cruise in 2018.

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