Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble

Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble

The Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble was founded by a group of parents and formed under the auspices of the Armenian American Support and Educational Center — HYE DOON of New Jersey.

The ties that bind us as Armenians date back well over 2000 years! Maintaining those ties and transferring that bond to succeeding generations is a major challenge for all Armenians in the Diaspora. The founders of Akh’Tamar Dance Ensemble are visionaries who are dedicated to the task of assuring that their children, the children of the Armenian Nation, maintain their heritage in the melting pot that is the United States of America. Part of their mission is to help balance outside pressures and influences on our youth, showing them that they can flourish in a way of life distinctive to the Armenian home, while staying in harmony with good citizenship.

Under the umbrella of the dance group, the members have formed a unique bond as friends that will hopefully carry them through their formative years. The Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble is a group of over 80 beautiful, young Armenian girls and boys ranging in age from 6 to 25. The Ensemble is divided into two age groups: the younger children range from age 6 through 11, and the older dancers range from age 12 to 25. They dedicate hours of rehearsal time, under the tutelage of Artistic Director/Choreographer, Sylva Asadourian, to assure a spectacular presence at every performance.

The Ensemble is excited to continually present new programs to the New York and New Jersey communities. The AHC Executive is proud to introduce Akh’Tamar Armenian Dance Ensemble to our guests on The Armenian Heritage Cruise!

Learn more at akhtamardance.com

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